Monday, August 06, 2007

A New Campaign Season

Well, it's already that time again: a new campaign season. So far the media has focused almost entirely on the presidential horse race, where the field is about as wide open as I can recall since 1976. As I've said repeatedly on this blog, I have no particular expertise in politics. I'm just an average American voter, trying to get a better read on how to execute my civic responsibility. For that reason I've dusted off this blog, moribund since last November.

But I'll probably post only occasionally until we get the preliminaries out of the way: the front runners really establish themselves, they settle on a clear campaign message (right now they seem to be trying out various approaches to see what gets traction), and the process becomes less the province of the true political junkies, talk radio, and the cable news networks, who find gab fests about the political maneuvering far cheaper and easier than the reporting of actual news.

God, how I miss Walter Cronkite and the days when the news divisions were "loss leaders" designed, from a corporate standpoint, to elevate the prestige of the networks and not to make a profit.



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Welcome back here, Mark!

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