Tuesday, August 07, 2007


This is Angelo, a four-year old golden chow mix. Since last November I've been a volunteer at Citizens for Human Action, an animal shelter near my home. Angelo's been there almost as long as I have. His first evaluation is dated December 31, 2006.

Angelo rates a mention here because of the reason his owner had to surrender him. The owner's an Army reservist called to duty in Iraq, and he had no other option. I imagine he remembers Angelo and misses him. I also imagine he thinks that by now someone has adopted Angelo and given him a good home. Sadly, that isn't the case.

I've spent time with Angelo and he's a perfectly nice dog who gets along with most other dogs, though personally I think he would do best in a home where's he's the only dog. He weighs 40-50 pounds, which is not that tough to handle: a little too much for a little kid, but fine for one twelve years or older.

Angelo's been at the shelter for nearly eight months, and I've found that for many animals, this becomes a problem in itself, because prospective owners simply assume that if a dog's gone unadopted for so long, there must be a problem.

Well, in Angelo's case, the only problem is that his old master is in uniform, thousands of miles away, and his new master has yet to show up.

If you're interested in adopting Angelo, contact Citizens for Human Action. It's located just south of Westerville, Ohio.



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