Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Televangelist Rod Parsley Under IRS Investigation

Today's Washington Post, in a lengthy story about the decline of "values" issues in Ohio politics, reports that Rod Parsley -- a Columbus area televangelist; pastor of World Harvest Church; and founder of Reformation Ohio, a political advocacy group known for its less than subtle support for Ken Blackwell -- is under investigation by the IRS:
Parsley, who faces an Internal Revenue Service investigation prompted by a complaint by a group of ideologically moderate ministers who allege he has crossed a line barring political advocacy from the pulpit, has not endorsed Blackwell. But he is quick to add: "I'm sure Ohioans will recall which candidates have stood with them in the past."
But the bulk of the story focuses on matters like this:

So far, it seems that the efforts of Parsley and other evangelical leaders are being overshadowed by this state's recent record of job losses and the resultant economic concern. The unemployment rate in Ohio is 5.7 percent -- a full point above the national figure. Meanwhile, the Ohio Poll found that 82 percent of Ohioans believe that the economy is in poor or fair shape, and two-thirds say things are getting worse.

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Blogger Jude said...

Interesting.......I'm curious about your take on the religious influence on the Gambling proposal in Ohio ( Issue 3). I'm very surprised that religious groups have not been much louder on a VOTE NO on Issue 3 campaign

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