Monday, October 02, 2006

Blackwell Too Weak For Christian Right to Assist

As nearly as I can figure, organizations like Reformation Ohio and the Ohio Restoration Project -- whatever one may think of them -- have energetically and quite competently stumped for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Blackwell. The problem is that Blackwell himself is such a lousy candidate that these organizations are not so much driving voters away -- after all, in 2004 Ohioans voted 62-38 percent to pass the anti-gay marriage amendment -- as they are unable to really jump start their own base.

I attended a rally sponsored in part by the Ohio Restoration Project on September 10. The line-up of speakers, including several from out of state, was impressive. But the immense church sanctuary was more than half-empty. Only about 200 rank-and-file who had bothered to come. Several speakers publicly expressed disappointment at the turnout.

Similarly, I visited Lancaster yesterday -- home of Fairfield Christian Church, which created the Ohio Restoration Project. I saw only a few Blackwell bumper stickers on cars in the church parking lot, and none once I left. In contrast, Strickland bumper stickers and yard signs were all over town.


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