Saturday, September 02, 2006

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon, you stopped by the house today. (Before onlookers gasp in awe, let me hasten to add that it wasn't Kevin Bacon the actor but rather Kevin Bacon the Blendon Township trustee. Bacon the trustee is the Republican candidate for state representative in the 21st District -- Linda Reidelbach, the incumbent, isn't standing for reelection.)

I wasn't yet back from a business trip to Washington, DC, so you knocked in vain. You did leave that attractive 4-color flyer, though, with your smiling face, adoring wife and kids, and the scribbled note, "Sorry I missed you! - Kevin."

Me too, Kevin. A few days ago I got a photocopied letter from Congressman Pat Tiberi saying what a cool guy you were and that you'd soon be visiting the neighborhood. Being in the mood for campaign politics these days, I thought it'd be interesting to meet you, however briefly. Well, at least I got the URL of your campaign web site. Not that I'd consider voting for you, judging by your standard Republican program of cutting taxes, ostensibly for the benefit of working families, who instead are far more likely to have needed government services abridged; and reducing one's ability to sue the big dogs when one is wronged, ostensibly to benefit the little dogs but of course really to make screwing the little dogs an affordable cost of doing business. It's amazing so many people buy that crap, but they do, so you might just go the distance.

Still, it occurred to me that one has to respect you, or anyone, who goes to the trouble of standing for office. My impression is that a few people, like Bill Clinton, revel in every aspect of it, but most, like Richard Nixon, find it a fairly unpleasant chore, the price one pays for getting a shot at power. Anyway, I got to thinking about a college course I once took on campaign politics. It was one of the more interesting courses I took, and I learned a lot about the process you've undertaken (and learned even more by working for a couple of campaigns). But that was half a lifetime ago and I figure that the game has to be a little different than it once was. So, just by way of providing a link for my own self-education, here's a how-to guide as prepared by the Kossacks of Daily Kos. There's probably a GOP equivalent somewhere, but I imagine the fundamentals are the same.

By the way, feel free to drop by again sometime.


Blogger ZOMBITRON said...

Ever since I saw the Kevin Bacon commerical in a Chinese buffet in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, I had wondered which side Mister Bacon supported because, just for laughs, I wanted a "Kevin Bacon for Ohio Rep" sign. Now I know not to bother, but I may lobby to make the t-shirt "I don't support Kevin Bacon."

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