Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goodman, Kreider to Debate on October 4

David Goodman, the Republican incumbent in the 3rd senate district, and Democratic challenger Emily Kreider will meet for a debate at Otterbein College on Wednesday, October 4.

The debate will be held at the Riley Auditorium of the Battelle Fine Arts Center, 170 West Park Street, Westerville.

Details about the format are here.

I'll be interested to see what happens when these two wholesome-looking people square off. I've had some limited contact with Sen. Goodman, who strikes me as personally quite civil -- he wrote me a few days ago to supply his campaign web site and, concerning this blog, remarked, "I enjoyed your comments. It's hard to find a reasonable voice out there in the blog world." (Not the political blog world, that's for sure.) Similarly, Emily Kreider and I have exchanged a couple of emails about the meltdown her web site's PayPal function has every time I try to contribute money online.

Up until now, both candidates have gone with positive political ads. Goodman has emphasized his role in creating the Amber alert system and in cracking down on sexual predators, and Kreider's "I Am Emily Kreider" campaign is negative only in the sense of its insidious but unmistakable implication that Goodman cannot possibly be Emily Kreider.

That may be changing. This morning I received this email from Kreider's campaign:
Hi Team-

We're doing something right.

With 43 days to go until election day, David Goodman has started airing an attack ad against our campaign.

Instead of doing the hard work of listening to voters, Goodman believes he can buy this seat. The Ohio Republican Senate Campaign Committee has purchased 1.1 million dollars in T.V. time in central Ohio. There's only one competitive senate race in central Ohio so . . . it's safe to say that every dime of that T.V. time is devoted to attacking Emily Kreider.

All of this confirms that we're on the right track. Count on me to step up the pace and knock on more doors.

Volunteers have made all the difference. To date, we have knocked on over 7,000 doors and distributed 32,850 door hangers. That's why we're ahead in the polls. Thank you.
I'll be curious to see this attack ad, if that's what it actually is. And I'm sure I'll get my chance. These days the Columbus media market is saturated with campaign ads.


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