Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dispatch Poll: State Issues Still Up for Grabs

According to polling results published in this morning's Columbus Dispatch, the margin between voters planning to vote for or against each of the three state issues is close enough, and the number of undecided voters great enough, that essentially these issues are still up for grabs. The situation is all the more cloudy because two mutually contradictory state issues on smoking are both leading in the poll:

Issue 3. Expanded Gambling

No: 48 percent
Yes: 43 percent
Undecided: 9 percent

State Issue 4. Bans Smoking Except in Bars, Some Other Businesses; Wipes Out Local Smoking Bans

Yes: 55 percent
No: 38 percent
Undecided: 7 percent

State Issue 5. Bans Smoking Statewide in Most Public Places

Yes: 58 percent
No: 34 percent
Undecided: 8 percent


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