Sunday, February 19, 2006

Radical Civility

The blogosphere, I've long since decided, already has enough blogs that emphasize political opinion. And besides, my time for blogging is limited. Most of the time I do have goes into Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, which deals with academic military history, my area of professional specialization. (In January it received a Cliopatria Award for Best Individual Blog.)

Still, there's more to life than politics or academe, and in recent weeks I've created a blog to support me in my spiritual journey. I call it Radical Civility. But when you think about it, spiritual concerns aren't divorced from political or professional matters. These apects of life are mere subsets of the incomparably larger concerns reflected in questions of ultimate meaning. So if an interest in politics has led you here--especially if that interest includes the intersection of faith and politics, Radical Civility may be worth a look.


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