Saturday, February 12, 2005

Times That Try Men's Souls . . . and Families

Because a reservist's place of residence correlates only very loosely with the unit in which she or he serves--when I served in the Army National Guard I lived in Columbus but served most of the time with an artillery battery in Marion--it's hard to tell how much the War on Terrorism has pulled away reservists who live in the Ohio Twenty-first. But my guess is that the number is substantial.

Check it out:

The Ohio National Guard - has several units from this area listed as deployed. As of February 9, about 3,618 Guard personnel have been activated.

Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment, 4th Marine Division, is based in Columbus. It has not yet been mobilized, but you can bet the training tempo is ramped up.

(still working on local Army Reserve and Naval Reserve units)

Army Reserve Units
338th Army Reserve Band - based in Whitehall

Naval Reserve Units


Blogger Scotty said...

Mark, FYI 3d Battalion, 25th Marines, (my old unit) is being mobilized. It is the only infantry battalion in the Marine corps reserve (there are 9) that hasn't been mobilized. My understanding is that it will serve in Iraq. I was in this battalion for 5 years and left the battalion a little over a year ago. After 9/11, the fact that we were not mobilized was a source of great frustration. As of a year ago, most of the Marines and Sailors in the battalion wanted to get mobilized. We were all pretty much agreed that the worst thing would be to get mobilized to sit at Camp Lejeune or okinawa for a year - if we got called up, we wanted to go to Iraq. My only regret is that I won't be going with them.

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