Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Cost to Run for Office in the Ohio 21st

Candidates spent over a billion dollars in 2004 in order to run for office. While the presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate races accounted for most of this tally, the cost to run for even a modest office such as representative of the 21st District was substantial.

As usual in American political races, the incumbent was able to raise substantially more money than the challenger.

Incumbent Linda Reidelbach raised $118,378.

Challenger Abramo Ottolenghi raised $45,005.

And for what purpose was all this money spent? Mostly so that we would merely know their names.


Blogger Jimmy Stewart said...

It costs an amazing amount of money to run for office.

My name is Jimmy Stewart, and I'm a Democrat running for State Representative just west of you, in the 22nd district. I'm a Democrat taking on a powerful incumbent, and it's not an easy fight. I'm doing fundraising, and introducing myself to people the old fashioned way: I'm walking the district and knocking on doors.

A lot of people vote for the incumbent because they don't know who the challenger is. Name recognition can be bought, but I believe that a better way is to meet people, face to face. We'll be spending money later in the campaign, but for now I'm wearing out my show leather.

Please come look at the Friends Of Jimmy Stewart campaign web site. The blog isn't as frequently updated as I'd like, but I'm working at it.

To build Ohio's future, we need to invest in education. We need to invest in ourselves. We strengthen ourselves by strengthening our community.

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